Letters from Jen

One of my favorite lines is, "I'm going to write a letter!"  It is usually due to some gripe I have.  I say it when I read the paper, I say it at the mall, I say it really quite too often.

I never actually send these letter, let alone write them.  But, now that I have a blog, my husband says you should write those letters and call it "Letters from Jen."  So here it is, my first letter from Jen.

Dear City of Tumwater,

I really appreciate your All-American spirit.  An Independence Day Parade is a great celebrate our country.  Unfortunately, this year's parade was... well... kind of lame.

First off, there was not a single band.  What kind of parade doesn't have a band?  A lame parade!  Maybe this gripe is mainly due to the fact that music is my favorite part of a parade, but I don't think I'm alone in this.  A parade needs music, and not just from a sad boom box in the back of a truck.

Second, there was just one float.  I don't count the trucks towing trailers with streamers as a float, and I definitely don't count the campaigns as a float which brings me to my next point.

Third, what is with all of the campaigns?  How lame is that?  It was like a voter's pamphlet brought to life.  My daughter kept saying "Who is that?  Why are they in the parade?"  I did not have an answer for her, as I don't think they belonged in the parade.

Lastly, we were sitting at the end of the parade route.  I was shocked, and saddened to see how the dignitary and invited guests were treated when they arrived at the end of the route.  They were made, in the middle of the street mind you, to get out of the car, and remove the magnetic labels from the car which had their names on them.  One particular car that worried me was the Mayor of Lacey, and his wife.  They are both older, and were having troubles getting out of the car.  I even heard him say to Sam Hunt, who was in the car behind him, "What is going on Sam?"  They slowly walked away, and I sure hope they had someone there to take them to their car.

Hopefully you will  make some changes to your line up for next years parade.


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